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Intertax Consult is here to navigate the German tax system for you. With over 15 year’s of experience as professional tax and accounting professionals, we are specialized in the complex regulation of taxation in Germany for expats, also known as expat tax. We assist business in addition to individuals looking to file tax returns, VAT, set up pensions, create companies as well as a host of other services. Corporate tax in Germany is one of our main focus areas.

Everything we do is designed to be clear and convenient for you. We make sure that every aspect is dealt with and that you are kept informed of what every step means to you and your business. And more than this, we are here when you need us to be, either via phone, email, or in person.

Based in Germany, we operate closely with the government to stay fully up to date with all laws, registration and restrictions. We charge a regulated amount based upon your worldwide income. We also offer all of our services in a variety of languages meaning you can be sure that your business interests and personal affairs are being handled in a way you can understand and with the utmost rigor and scrutiny.





Corporate Tax

We take care of your bookkeeping, VAT, trade tax and any corporate tax matter.


Income Tax

We deal with your tax declaration, from your questions to completion at the tax office.


Pension Scheme

We specialize in pension reimbursement from your time as an employee in Germany.



Let us simplify the complicated world of German tax law and help you with tax advice.



We reply to the most common questions you might have about tax refunds and tax matters.


Tax cases

Read about our most interesting and insightful cases of tax law in Germany for expats.